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Rooted in honesty & trust

M E C's Electrical Division has been servicing San Francisco property management companies and home owner's for over 25 years and our clients continue to use us because we are rooted in honesty and trust. Our knowledgeable team of qualified electricians come to your home and diagnose any problem you may be having. Our trucks are fully stocked to ensure that we have the right tools and materials to provide you with the best service for your home. M E C trains our electrical technicians to keep a clean working environment leaving your home undisturbed and operating safely and properly.


Residential Electrical Service & Repair

It is common to experience multiple minor electrical issues. However, these small electrical issues can sometimes lead to larger problems. Troubleshooting these issues can be difficult to figure out. Do not put you or your home at risk by attempting to troubleshoot these problems yourself. Contact M E C Electrical division to come out and inspect your electrical systems before it escalates into a larger problem. We are always prepared to handle a wide range of electrical repairs. 


  • Troubleshooting: electrical outlets, circuit breakers, malfunctioning light fixtures, switches and more ...

  • Electrical Repairs

  • New Electrical Circuits 

  • Installation of New Duplex Receptacles (Outlets) 

  • Main Electrical Service Replacements

  • Electrical Panel Repairs and Upgrades

  • Data Wiring

  • Audio and Video

  • Cable TV Wiring

  • Fan Installations

  • Electrical Heater Installation

  • LED Lighting

  • Smoke Detector Inspection

  • Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Installation 

  • And more!

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